2019 Aston Martin Vantage

This will later be a car review for our friends at Nashville Exotic Cars. This is a quick preview of the footage to show them what we got. What a car!

Richard Chisum
John W. McDougall Company Video

The John W. McDougall Company has a very rich history and it was a pleasure helping them craft their story.  For three generations and over 78 years they have built an amazing company and helped build nationally known structures such as the Epcot Center at Disney, the Opryland Hotel, and the new Music City Center in downtown Nashville. A big thank you to Alec McDougall and Valerie Johansson!

Richard Chisum
What A Fantastic Home!

Shooting mostly video lately, so I really enjoyed getting a chance to shoot some photography of this amazing house for home builder Bill Dryer of River Birch Homes. What a beautiful place!

Richard Chisum
Now That's A Fire Pit!

My friends at Fire Pit Art asked me to shoot the test burn for this BEAST! A custom version of their awesome Third Rock fire pit, destined for a major league baseball park in New Jersey.  A spectacular site!

Richard Chisum
Meaning of Life in Three Minutes - Dr. Lawrence Rifkin

Really enjoyed working on our second collaboration with physician and Huffington Post writer, Lawrence Rifkin. "A mind-expanding and powerful celebration and exploration. For those who enjoy experiencing the big picture. And just 3 minutes for those who usually do not."

Dr. Rifkin writes and narrates his uplifting views on life and the universe, and has us illustrate them with stock imagery and powerful music. View our previous collaboration here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ePxPQ5vxppI

Richard Chisum
Super Powers!

I’ve decided that when you lose a limb, you are then endowed with super powers. The goal of this photo shoot was to show other amputee or handicapped patients that they can still lead active lives, pursuing their passions. These people showed that in spades and it was truly inspiring to meet and photograph them!

Thanks to my clients, Cathie Pruitt (Strategic Marketing) and Aaron Sorensen (Restorative Health Services).

Richard Chisum
Grill Like a Flippin' Boss!

It's always fun to help break a new product. Here's a clever invention from the Flippin' Boss, to protect you from the heat and flames "seeking to CHAR your tender exposed FLESH". Check it out.

Richard Chisum
Cool Intro

Here's a fast paced intro we just completed for Titan Web Marketing Solutions. This will introduce a series of 60 second tips about online marketing that we're now producing for a Facebook marketing campaign. A little eye candy always bumps up the production value and gets you noticed.

Richard Chisum
Are You Ready to ride?

Are you ready to ride? Check the awesome "on the road" shots of the Harley rider in the New Rider video for Bumpus Harley Davidson. Shot from the trunk of a car at 70 mph!


Richard Chisum
Freedom of the Open Road

Some of the most passionate interviews I've ever captured. Shooting Harleys and interviewing riders for Bumpus Harley Davidson. Freedom of the open road!

Bumpus 1.jpg
Richard Chisum
Video for Team Aerospace

I love a British accent, plus the guys at Team Aerospace were a blast to work with. They work on airplane components for commercial aircraft.

Richard Chisum
National book trailer for "Go Green, Get Rich"

Just completed this book trailer for author and sustainability advocate, Thomas Addaquay. His new book "Go Green, Get Rich" will soon be released nationally. He has some great ideas on how you can earn money by going green and healing the planet. Congrats Thomas! Can't wait to follow your progress.

Richard Chisum
Knowledge Academies

What a great group of people at Knowledge Academies, a charter school in Nashville. Passionate teachers and enthusiastic kids are ingredients for a great video!

Richard Chisum
Improve Your SEO with Video

Your customers aren’t the only ones who like video on a website. So do search engines like Google. Video content is good for SEO. It’s a fact: Adding video to a landing page makes it 53% more likely to show up on the first page of Google results. And by improving your search ranking, you boost organic traffic to your website. More traffic means more visitors, and more visitors means more conversions. Don’t forget: Web pages with video convert at almost double the rate of pages without video. 

From brightcove.com

Richard Chisum
Kickstarter Video for the Weed Snatcher

Check out this Kickstarter Video for a new product from Ruppert Garden Tools. The inventor, Jon Ruppert, had a great idea for a humorous intro of a husband ignoring his wife's "honey-do" requests and then it's the Weed Snatcher to the rescue. Great performances by Holly Watson and Gary Willis as the lead couple.

Richard Chisum
A Client Success Story

It's so rewarding to watch the business of one of your clients really blossom, and feel like you helped, at least in some small way. A couple of years ago, we produced a "behind the scenes" interview with Rick Wittrig, functional steel artist and owner of Fire Pit Art. Several more videos and around 200,000 social media views later, his beautiful fire pits are now on every corner of the globe.

From the village at the Winter Olympics to ESPN's Superbowl party, to major league ballparks, and thousands of families across the world, his magical fire pits bring people together over an inviting fire every night. Among his wholesale clients, he is known for having the best imagery of his product in the entire industry. My favorite quote from Rick..."we don't sell fire pits, we sell IMAGES of fire pits." To your continued success, Rick!

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