A Client Success Story

It's so rewarding to watch the business of one of your clients really blossom, and feel like you helped, at least in some small way. A couple of years ago, we produced a "behind the scenes" interview with Rick Wittrig, functional steel artist and owner of Fire Pit Art. Several more videos and around 200,000 social media views later, his beautiful fire pits are now on every corner of the globe.

From the village at the Winter Olympics to ESPN's Superbowl party, to major league ballparks, and thousands of families across the world, his magical fire pits bring people together over an inviting fire every night. Among his wholesale clients, he is known for having the best imagery of his product in the entire industry. My favorite quote from Rick..."we don't sell fire pits, we sell IMAGES of fire pits." To your continued success, Rick!

Richard ChisumVideo
Congrats to the Music City Strings!

Just worked with some incredibly talented kids, and the nicest group of people you would ever meet - The Music City Strings in Franklin, TN. They are one of only two violin studios in the US to be invited to tour Europe, and are using the two videos we just finished to raise funds for the trip. UPDATE: Happy to report that they had a successful tour!


Richard Chisum